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20 May 2013

Raycom's Robert Rollins Wins MFM and BCCA’s Rainmaker Award

Years ago, Bob Rollins had a mentor who told him that knowledge, experience and skill are like the light from a campfire, shedding a glow on all those surrounding it. "The more people that you share it with, the more value that it has," Rollins says.

He shares that wisdom by way of explaining why he's been a BCCA member for over 30 years. Rollins is a past BCCA representative on the MFM board and currently serves on five different MFM and BCCA groups. Among them are the TFM Editorial Advisory Board and the BCCA Conference Committee.

What's more, "he readily tells potential vendors that if they want to be a Raycom vendor, they'll have to be a sponsor of the association or the conference," says Mary Collins, president and CEO of MFM and BCCA.

Rollins is currently corporate credit and collections manager at Raycom Media, which owns and/or provides services for 53 television stations. While working at Raycom, he's developed the policies, procedures and mission statement for every facet of the customer credit sales process.