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28 Aug 2013

'America Now' Season 4 Reaches Across America

'America Now', the leading daily news magazine series for news you can really use, will reach 80% of the country when it returns with original episodes on September 9. Co-hosted by Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, the fourth season of 'America Now' will be broadcast in 9 of the top 10 markets, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, it was jointly announced today by Paul McTear, President and CEO of Raycom Media and Paul Buccieri, Managing Director, ITV Studios International and President and CEO, ITV Studios America.

"We are thrilled that our growing distribution for 'America Now' will allow us to reach those markets that have been asking for our program," said McTear. "Based on their broad popularity and regular contribution to the content of the show, Leeza and Bill are the perfect stewards to bring our busy viewers news and solutions that they can really use.

"The dynamic between our hosts has solidified 'America Now' as the top daily news magazine show in America," added Buccieri. "Leeza and Bill have a national profile that has helped to grow our viewership across the county with those that seek information they can use in their own lives."

Co-hosted by one of television’s most recognizable faces Leeza Gibbons and the successful TV reality star, entrepreneur and author Bill Rancic, 'America Now' delivers "news you can really use." Along with show experts, Gibbons and Rancic will continue to provide audiences across the country with valuable information and tips, advice and solutions to problems that are important to their daily lives including keeping their families safe and saving money.

The following is a list of topics covered in the first week of shows:

September 9: Sextortion and cyber crimes, credit discrimination, money saving tips at the supermarket, what do barcodes tell us about ourselves, car maintenance tips and more.

September 10: Dog attacks: where they happen and how to defend yourself, apps that find your lost phone, tracing your family history, green coffee extract, banish morning neck pain and more.

September 11: Oxycodone shortage, food careers, Leeza’s hairstyling tips, carbon monoxide detectors, snake vaccines for dogs and more.

September 12: Sitting and diabetes, the dangers of free Wi-Fi when traveling, male infertility myths, flea market finds, new uses for old clothes hangers, Bill’s tips on how to grill the perfect steak, bee sting remedies and more.

September 13: Tanorexia - getting a tan could trigger a dangerous addiction, 401k management tips, pet personality traits, sexting apps, shopping for bridal dresses and more.

Throughout the season, and across multiple platforms, 'America Now' will provide audiences across the country with consistent information, solutions, advice and tips that are important to their daily lives – essential, compelling stories, news and lifestyle reports from experts and contributors around the country, offering help and ideas on topics including personal finance, health and fitness, food, home improvement, style and fashion, pets and technology, as well as reports from test labs that put the latest products to the test. Distribution and national ad sales for the show are handled by Trifecta Entertainment & Media. Visit for more information on 'America Now'.