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17 Feb 2017

Raycom Media Announces FCC Spectrum Auction Results

Raycom Media participated in the recent FCC Incentive auction and strategically evaluated opportunities that could bring value to the company yet not compromise our core mission to serve our local communities. The Cleveland, Ohio market represented such an opportunity. Raycom Media announces we will relinquish part of our spectrum in the Cleveland, Ohio market.

WUAB CLE 43 programming will relocate to another broadcast channel per published FCC timelines. During this transition, WUAB will remain on air. Viewers will still receive news, entertainment and sports programming from WUAB CLE 43 in the Cleveland area. We will alert our loyal viewers in the Cleveland DMA in sufficient time so they can find WUAB CLE 43 programming on its new channel. This change will not materially affect the operations of our Cleveland stations, which also includes WOIO.